Neo POS for FMCG, Vegetable Stores,Garments, Textiles, Restaurant, Bakery, Food Court, Bar & etc.

We offer offers a variety of Retail Point of Sale Systems to meet the needs of nearly every business type. We offer multiple NEO POS systems that are suitable for POS Retail POS Software and Retail Point of Sale equipment to provide a complete POS Solution for your business. Or, if you have the expertise to complete the project yourself, we can provide you with the Retail POS peripherals and Retail Point of Sale Software so you can install the system on your existing computer.

We offer Retail Point of Sale Security Solutions with your needs in mind. Inventory control, voucher, customer loyalty, charge to account, time and attendance, multi reporting are just some of the features that our software can provide. 

Check out our Neo POS Retail features below for additional info or contact us so we can help you find the perfect Retail POS Solution for your business!


Very Easy To Use & Learn

With Neo POS, the operation simplicity and ease of use, your employee high turnover rate will be a concern of the past! NeoPOS allows you to train your new employees faster with less time and money spent. With 100% touch screen operated point of sales, super easy to follow screen layouts, and the simplicity of Windows based interface, your staff will be able to use the software in a matter of minutes, rather than days! Best of all, there is no prior computer knowledge required from your staff. And of course, our software does not use those awkward product codes, so your staff is not required to memorize them. A big time saver over those older POS systems that do require you to memorize them!

Stock Inventory System

Neo POS inventory can help you keep track of your inventory in a way that is easy, efficient and will help you make sure your inventory is not going out the back door. This inventory control software has the ability to keep track of minimum stock level, stock locations, different package sizes and types. Example... You sell a 12 bottle of beers. When you do, the system takes out of your inventory the 1 box of beer. You have a reorder level of 25 biscuit, and you are now down to 25. The system will notify all of the items that are below the reorder level. Use the Neo POS inventory if you would like, or keep track the old fashioned way, or use a bit of both systems. Neo POS inventory will work with you.

Member Loyalty Program

The new Neo POS also a loyalty program too. It helps you increase your sales with group of members. you can decide what membership types to suit your business model. There is three types to let you choose from such as point collection, multi-level member discount & prepaid card.

Automatic Email Closing Summary Report

Neo POS can do what a POS System can do, it even do more than that such Online Sales Viewer, Auto Email Daily closing Report & HQ Back-end Controller. You can sit back & relax to receive the latest sales report automatically. Those who have multi chain store will absolutely benefit from this amazing feature.

Remark Entry (Can use as Table entry, Name entry or Remark entry)

Remark entry feature will allow you to create orders that are referenced by a customers name or description. Since remark entries are not tied to a particular customer they are ideal for the crowds. Of course, if you running F&B business, the remark entry can be alternately tied to a table. Neo POS remark entry feature will also allow you to easily keep track of a the customer by their name, or by using prompts such as "Tall Man in Red." Then once the remark is kept, it can easily be recalled to either add another round of drinks or quickly tender out the customer.

Multiple Reports

You can have up to 100 reports to analyze your sales, stock. From that you can fully understand your product's sales performance. It helps you to reduce food wastage by knowing which item is performed bad so that you can save more money. And you also can analyze when is peak hour and when is off peak. With up to 100 reports, you can sit back at office or home to view your sales data to monitor your restaurant much much more efficient.