Payroll software

For every company, payroll is one of the most important functions. This is also sometimes the most time consuming activity. The account and the HR departments have to collaborate to calculate the salaries of the employees and this may take several days. However, you can say goodbye to all hassle surrounding monthly payroll with Eilisys' Ascent payroll software. This software helps with easy, effective and flexible payroll management.

  • Features of payroll software

    NEO payroll software by STPL is a product that is used by more than 200 companies. The reason for this is that it allows payroll processing with just one click. It is as easy as that! Here are some of the features that make this the most sought after product for payroll processing.

  • Complete payroll processing

    This software is designed to provide complete payroll processing services. It calculates the salaries of the employees while taking into consideration factors like income taxes, loan deductions, arrears, loss of pay, stop payments, etc. It is easy to transfer the leave data of the employees into this software for calculating the salaries. Moreover, all this can be achieved in a couple of minutes and all you need to do is click once.

  • Generates salary slips

    You do not have to worry about creating salary slips for all employees every month.NEO payroll software does this quickly and automatically. Moreover, there are no chances of errors which are possible during manual creating of the pay slips. The pay slips can be customized and you can either print them or send to your employees via email.

Payroll Software