NEO-FUND software

With margins, fees and returns also under pressure, and firms facing both budgetary constraints and high levels of regulation, fund administrators are increasingly required to do more with less. They need sophisticated NEO fund technology to not only support new and complex functionalities but also deliver large amounts of accurate, detailed reporting data for investors and regulators – all while minimizing costs. What’s more, the processes and cycles that underpin fund administration and portfolio accounting must be carried out at a rapid pace. In this fast-moving environment, efficient, highly automated fund administration systems can help reduce fund administration operational errors, delays, inaccuracies and associated risk – and, at the same time, ensure the quality, accessibility and adaptability of reporting data.

  • Make data mean business with NEO fund SOFTWARE

    As the global investment landscape becomes more complex, asset managers urgently need ways to manage their new operational and data management challenges. Learn more about how NEO fund Software can help you  make data mean business  by supporting business diversification, increasing operational effectiveness and meeting your expanded data requirements.