Biometric Solution

Sai Touch Solution is one of the leading Suppliers of a qualitative range of RFID Card Based Biometric Attendance System for Offices, Corporate Offices, Commercial Premises, Banks, Government  Offices, Schools, Colleges. 

  • Biometrics time attendance machines manage employees’ work schedule, in other words its working includes which employee did what, and at what time he did that, etc. It is a foolproof technology in order to ensure the accuracy of attendance. Biometrics time attendance system is a useful tool to the ones who are dealing with large number of employees. It also helps in preventing time theft and saves money for the company. They can also be used as biometric access control for building's security. Biometric technique is tremendously useful for both in helping businesses to feel secure and eliminating employee time theft because it relies on personal or biological characteristics that vary person to person.
Barcode & RFID Solution